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This is where we´ll write about our Privacy Policy and let you know how our cookies works

We want to give you a better user experience

Casinosquire is an affiliate website that focuses on comparing online casino pages and game provider games, to prepare players for their journey. The website only focuses on people over 18 years old. We use cookies so that the website can work without faulty and give a better user experience.

This is how a cookie works

A cookie is a text file that gets saved in your web browser specifically for the website you´re visiting. When it´s saved it collects information regarding your activity on the website you´re visiting. This information, in turn, is used to enhance your user experience and helps us build up the website to optimize usability.

The cookies we have on Casinosquire only save non-personal information. The information is typically which site you visit, how long, which browser and type of computer you use.

Whenever you want you can turn off your cookies from the settings in your browser. By turning off your cookies the usability of the site might be impaired for you. 

By using you accept that your data is used in compliance with this policy.

These are the cookies we store

There are always different types of cookies that are used, when you visit you accept the use of these.
Here we explain the different types used:

Function cookie

This cookie store information about choices and settings you have made on the website. Next time around these settings will automatically be input to enhance the experience.

Session cookie

This cookie makes sure Casinosquire know you are the same person regardless of the page you visit. It will expire as soon as you leave our website.

Analytic cookie

Cookies like this collect information like the web browser, time, country and device to help us enhance the usability on the website.

How you change cookie settings

It´s up to you to change the settings on how you treat cookies. By changing these settings you can choose to exclude cookies entierly. To find the specific settings for your browser you can always google “How to turn off cookies + your browser”. But to help you on the way, here are the instructions for the most common browsers:

- Firefox:

- Google Chrome:

- Edge:

Changes in our Policy

Please note that we can change our cookie policy at any time. All the changes will be saved on this page. Our cookies are never chared with any third-party