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At Casinosquire we want to make sure you are ready and equipped for the duels ahead. Whether it is the information on how things work, give you the most lucrative casino bonuses or find the most interesting online casinos. We simply want “variety” to be the main factor and for things to build up as it comes.

Keeping an eye out for casino bonuses

As part of our casino news section, we wove to always keep an eye out for the most lucrative casino bonuses on the online casinos we list on casino squire. If we do find online casinos with amazing welcome bonuses or other big bonuses for members, we won’t hesitate to list them to keep providing top bonus offers.

Casino reviews with quality

With a unique review in focus, we will walk through the fundamental functions and know-how of the online casinos. But also let you know our own opinion without letting it rule our in-depth analysis of the style of the casino. We will also talk about safety aspects and what the online casino is doing assure a safe gaming environment and to safeguard your data.

Affiliate Goals

Honour and Glory is our moto. We will always honour the online casino with a valorous sense of code of conduct. We believe glory comes from the higher values in the act of the righteousness.


We strive to do our best to always display the correct information. However, we do not take responsibility for all the information displayed being correct. This is due to the constant change in the industry and the online casinos we list on Casinosquire. As information is not always shared in time or shared at all. It is always your responsibility as a player to always read through terms and conditions.