Dragons Cluster Buster

- Progression based slot game
- Progression is saved
- Slow progression to free spins game

Special symbols

Normal wilds


RTP - 96%
Special feature - Dragon Egg Features
Game provider - Red Tiger
Min bet - 0.2 Eur
Max bet - 20 Eur
Paylines - Cluster pays 20+
Slot type - Video slot
Lines/rows - 9x9

Bust the Eggs open with Dragons Cluster Buster

Dragons Cluster Buster from Red Tiger was released in April of 2022 with a progression-type setup where progression is saved. This casino slot has a 9x9 grid of reels and rows where clusters pay and new symbols cascade down until there are no more winning clusters. The max payout in Dragons Cluster Buster is 7777x your bet. The volatility is very high in this slot game from Red Tiger.

The main feature in Dragons Cluster Buster is the dragon egg that will be placed in the middle of the game. This will lock out 3x3 tiles in the middle where there won't drop any symbols. The idea here is to unlock every egg or hatch them as the game will illustrate it as. Once all eggs are hatched, you’re in the free spins run. Let us explain further down…

Print screen of Dragon Cluster Buster gameplay

Theme and graphics

The theme has a medieval/fantasy type of feeling with a background of dragon scales set upon a wall with golden patterns on stone. There is really no rhyme or reason more than creating a setting for the game. The dragons in the games are mostly shown as blurred features flying over the grid dropping the bonuses. Other than the dragon feature there aren't really any big graphic features in the game.


There are altogether 10 different symbols including the Wild symbols that substitute for all paying symbols in Dragons Cluster Buster. The five low paying symbols are simple letters. The four highest paying symbols consist of A Scroll, Swords, A Globus cruciger and a crown as the highest paying symbols.
There are also Multipliers, but these are not individual symbols but are placed upon any other symbol.

Symbol wins, high-paying symbols
Symbol wins, Low-paying symbols

Game mechanics

All symbols pay in clusters of a minimum of 5. the multiplier in the cluster increase in steps depending on the number of symbols in the cluster:


The payout differs of course depending on the symbol in the cluster and the bet amount you have. When a winning cluster is paid out, it will be destroyed and new symbols fall down from above. This will continue until there are no more winning clusters. If you want to know more of how specific casino slot functions work, visit our page Online Slots.

Bonus Features in Dragon Cluster Buster

As mentioned, the main feature in Dragon Cluster Buster is the Dragon Egg that covers a 3x3 square in the middle of the play grid. The idea is to hatch this egg and unlock the bonus features that hide inside. There are three different bonus features that are released from the three first hatches. Every hatch thereafter will give 10 free spins.

Once an egg is hatched, that specific feature will appear one time directly after its hatched and then randomly throughout the gameplay. As you hatch more eggs, these eggs will also appear randomly together or separate throughout the gameplay. Should two features appear together, the first egg hatched will appear first and then the rest without paying out winnings clusters until all features are activated.

Progression is saved

Once you have unlocked an egg, the progression will be saved indefinitely for that specific bet value you unlocked that egg with. As soon as you change bet value, you will have to unlock the egg again. But if you change back the bet value to any value where you unlocked an egg before, the egg will still be unlocked for that value. It seems this progression will be saved indefinitely. We don't know if it will be saved over different casinos.

So once you unlock all the egg features for a specific bet value, all your future egg hatches will give free spins for that bet value.

Half hatched egg in Dragon Cluster Buster

How to hatch an egg in Dragon Cluster Buster

To hatch an egg you need to have a winnings cluster adjacent to each part of the egg to destroy all the parts. In total, this gives 8 parts around the egg that needs to be destroyed. The parts of the egg also need to be destroyed on the same spin including new cascades from winnings clusters.

One winning cluster can cover the whole side of an egg and destroy 3 parts, or totally envelop the egg and destroy all parts of the egg. Or you can have multiple clusters around the egg that each trigger different parts of the egg. Any combination works as long as the parts are destroyed on the same spin regardless of how many cascades you get during that spin.

The different eggs

There are as mentioned above three different Dragon Eggs that can be hatched before the last egg that gives free spins appears.

Blue Hatchling

The blue hatchling, or the blue dragon egg, gives the bonus feature that removes all low-paying symbols. After low-paying symbols are removed, new high-paying symbols will cascade down whereupon the winning clusters will be paid out. The cascades afterwards will give both low-paying and high-paying symbols.

Green Hatchling

The green dragon egg gives a bonus feature that adds up to 20 Wilds randomly on the grid.

Purple Hatchling

The purple dragon egg adds multipliers to random symbols as a bonus feature. Up to 13 symbols will get a multiplier added. Any symbol or symbols with a multiplier that is in a winning cluster multiplies that cluster win by the total multiplier value. The multiplier value ranges from 2x to 100x.

Free Spins Hatchling

This is the last egg in the sequence and will reward you with 10 free spins. During the free spins round, the 3x3 grid in the middle where the egg was placed will leave space for new symbols. This gives you more symbols to trigger clusters with during the free spins bonus round. During the free spins round the chance to trigger the hatchling features increase, and the chance they trigger together also increases. After the 10 free spins, the egg will return and you can unlock the free spins again.

What we think

Dragons Cluster Buster is created with the same quality you can expect from any Red Tiger slot game. However, when it comes to gameplay it tends to get a bit slow-paced. The Extreme volatility makes winnings quite slow and as there aren't many bonus features, there seems to not happen much at times. This can change drastically as the board is big with lots of cluster chances.

The chance to unlock more dragons by cracking the dragon egg does make this slot game from Red Tiger a bit more intriguing. We have to admit they’ve made this one feature very intoxicating. But as there isn't much else happening, it gets a bit boring. This slot game is for you if you want a slot game with a bit fewer things happening. But still, the cluster pays without the action-packed in these types of games normally. You also need to have the patience to progress to the free spins Dragon Egg. We still recommend giving this slot game from Red tiger a try.

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