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We know that all the online slots you find at online casinos can get a bit overwhelming. This is why we continuously review new slot games as well as old slots for you to explore and learn more about. If you wish to learn how different game works, read more about it further down where we give an explanation about all the slot features.

New casino slot reviews

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18+ | T&C´s Apply | New Customers Only | Play responsibly | Begambleaware

Logo of Casiplay casino

100% up to 200 Euro + 30 free spins on first deposit


18+ | T&C´s Apply | New Customers Only | Play responsibly | Begambleaware

Logo of Simple casino

100% up to 500 euro


18+ | T&C´s Apply | New Customers Only | Play responsibly | Begambleaware

Logo of Vulkan Vegas casino

100% up to 300 Euro + 25 free spins in Book of Dead


18+ | T&C´s Apply | New Customers Only | Play responsibly | Begambleaware

Different types of slot games

Casino slots are the true main event for most casino players, there you will meet a whole variety of differential meanings and slot functions. Here we will give you our best explanation to the most fundamental behaviours of slot games.

Different amount of reels

For starters, your basic slot machine comes in different sizes, these are the most common sizes:

3 reel slot - This machine is where it all started and often gets to be called a classic slot. Nowadays not many new slots are features with 3 reels as it lowers the number of symbols and pay-lines drastically. This makes it harder to give a higher intensity in wins which often makes these slots more volatile. These are simply made out of three reels and often 3 lines as well.
5 reel slot - The most common casino game by far with its diversity in the number of pay-lines and increased number of slot symbols possibility without killing the payout density. These vary from 10 pay lines to sometimes hundreds, but most commonly 20 pay lines. As most new slot games are made with 5 reels you will see these types with great graphics and 3D design. Many times with short movie sequences to bring a story into the slot game.
Picture of seven reel casino slot Reactoonz from from Play´n GO
6-7 reel slot - Here is where it gets messy, 7 reel slots often give more than five lines as well and sometimes thousands of paylines. With some online slots of these types, you get a casino game similar to candy crush where you will win with clusters of symbols instead of lines. this is for the restless casino player.

Different type Slot Machine

Then we have the different type of slot machine, these are the most comon types:

Classic slots - These slot machines are the closest you´ll find to the ones at land-based casinos. They often have limited graphic influence and have the most basic functions.

Video slots - Here is a slot machine without limits to its graphical influence, there are often small movies sequences at the start or integrated into the bonus feature on these casino slots. New slot machines often adhere to the category Video slots due to their immense design.

Progressive Jackpot slots - These are the real moneymakers if you´re looking for huge wins. In progressive jackpots, a small percentage of every player bet makes up a small pool of money that is progressively increasing for every bet made in that slot game. Eventually, one lucky player gets the right symbols and wins the whole pool of money. Sometimes a progressive jackpot can accumulate to millions of euros.

Slots symbols

Now to the different symbols that make up a slot game. These can vary in lots of different mix and shapes depending on the slot games. But these are the most fundamental features we can think of right now.

Standard slot symbol - Most casino slot contains standard symbols, these make up the pay lines you´re looking for. Normally there are a set of low-value symbols and a set of high-value symbols. In most cases, low-value slot symbols will be represented by cards from a deck. Typically the 10, Jack, Queen, King and ace. While the high-value symbols are designed to fit the theme of the casino game.

Multipliers - The Multiplier symbol is often in combination with other symbols, but to keep it simple they will multiply your winnings with any given number. Should you, for example, get a winning line with standard symbols and get a multiplier on that line, that winnings line will be multiplied x amount of times. This slot symbol vary a lot from game to game and this is just the most basic functions.

Mega symbols - Imagine 4 slot symbols making up a square in an online slot game, then imagine they merge as one big symbol of the same type, this is a mega symbol. The mega symbol in casino games can come in various sizes from 2x2, 3x3 or even 4x4. You can often get several winnings lines from one mega symbol.

Wild slot symbols

Wilds is one of the most common extra symbols in slot games, and there are several different types of this one. The basic function of a wild symbol is to replace other symbols to make a winnings line where there should not have been one otherwise.

These are some of the different types of wilds:

Picture of a wild in a casino slot game
  • Stacked wilds - They make up a whole reel with wilds
  • Sticky wilds - These will stick on their position for the next spin as well.
  • Expanding wilds - If you get one of these they can expand to several wild symbols, either sideways, horizontal or both.
  • Walking wilds - They will literally walk on their line for every spin you make untill it runs out of reels. F.ex if you get one of these on reel 5, the next spin they will appear on reel 4 instead, and next spin on reel 3 etc... 
  • Scatters -  These symbols are usually the top moments of a slot game, they usually have two functions. They sometimes represent the highest value symbol in the slot game. If the special amount of scatters falls on the reels they can trigger a special feature, often a free spins mode. In a free spins mode, you don't bet any money and there are often several bonus features on top of your free spins.
  • Bonus symbols - These also trigger some type of bonus game, either a free spins game or some other bonus feature varying a lot from slot game to slot game. What differentiates them from Scatters is that they usually don't pay out any extra if they land on or creates winnings lines.


Here are some other terms in slot games you might have wondered about.

How does RTP% work?

This phrase is found in any online slot you can find on a casino site, this literally stands for Return To Player percentage. This, in turn, means, how much of what you bet you can expect to win back. 

However, slots providers calculate this % from millions of slot rounds, so it´s hard to estimate how much you will win from just a few bets.

Where do I find Free online slots?

To play free online slots or play games that offer free spins you often have to find online casinos that offer no deposit free spins on signup. Then you can try out some of their slot games free without depositing money.

What are paylines?

Paylines are what makes you win in casino slots. They show where symbols have to match from right to left or vice versa on the reels for you to have matching symbols. You can see the pay lines by checking the paytable or information button in the casino slot.